An Outback Adventure Treks tour is an expert-led motorcycle journey in Australia or one of our international destinations. We strive to make our tours as exciting as they can possibly be and constantly fine-tune our services and itineraries. On all our tours we maintain a high standard of service and attention to detail. Through meticulous itinerary planning, careful preparation, thorough staff training and attention to our client’s needs, we deliver a comfortable, safe, fun and enriching travel experience every time!

Thoughtful Planning

We design all our own itineraries, carefully researching each new route. We constantly review our tours to ensure that we offer the optimum experience. Outback Adventure Treks is one of very few specialist motorcycle tour operators in Australia. If you surf the Internet you will see that our itineraries sometimes appear on other websites. In some cases these are websites selling spaces on our tours.

The Tour Route

The route is the core feature of a successful motorcycle tour. Many operators offer all the frills with their service but miss the point when it comes to the routes they take. Take Cape York for example. There are 2 ways to see Cape York. There is the normal trip to the top with a days excitement on the Old Telegraph Track. Then there is the way we go. We hardly touch the normal way at all. We take in the CREB Track, Starke Track, Frenchmans Track and the Old Telegraph Track along with a few excursions to try and find an elusive Barra or 3.

At Outback Adventure Treks we make the effort to weave together enjoyable motorcycle routes with favourite destinations. As much as we can, we ride the most interesting tracks and make sure we get in the best riding. We break in the worthwhile places and always take the scenic and exciting route.

Keeping the Balance

All riders need a good sense of balance and we try to strike the right balance between price and service for our tours. We want to provide the very best services and accommodation comfort for our clients without being overly exclusive or expensive.

In terms of where we fit in the hierarchy of international motorcycle tour providers we try to follow the middle way. We are not expensive, but we are certainly not a cut-price operation. Our tours are fully supported with the best 4WD support truck in Australia, well-trained staff and a full range of top-end equipment. We take very good care of our clients.

Our staff to client ratio is very high. We do not make you fix your own flat tyres or service your own bikes and we certainly don’t assign chores. We provide more comfortable services and accommodation than most operations, but at a similar price!

What is Included

We offer a wide range of tours from 6 day trips to a 16 day epic ride from ‘Coast to Coast’, and all of our tours cover the essentials.

Our service begins long before the tour departs. To help you make your decision, we email you a detailed fact sheet for each tour with information on what you will see, what’s included, what documents you need, what the weather is like and what to expect. When you book a space we send you a pre-departure information sheet telling you what you need to bring, how to pack and what paperwork you require.

You will meet your guide, cook and support vehicle driver who are responsible for taking care of you and your bike (staff numbers vary with the size of the tour). They ensure that everything runs smoothly so you can enjoy a trouble-free journey with no worries about logistics or timetables. As well as showing you the way, our guides share local information, inside knowledge and their unique cultural perspective with you.

The tour price includes all accommodation and all meals. We’re not talking a light continental breakfast here. We’re talking the whole 9 yards. Our day starts with a big cooked breakfast with freshly brewed coffee. Our support vehicles carry your luggage. Our staff will make any running repairs on your bike – and you as well, if necessary. During the rides, we keep you topped up with water, fruit, soft drinks and snacks and we make sure you get a nice cold drink at the end of each days riding.

At the end of the day, you get to dine at either our ‘1 million star restaurant’ or one of the many outback pubs we stop at, while we prepare your bike for the next day’s riding. Outback Adventure Treks’ clients never go hungry and never miss out on anything!


Every night we setup our bush camp. We select campsites that have a low impact on the surrounding flora and fauna, perfectly in tune with the surrounding environment. Of course the logistical realities of designing a motorcycle itinerary and the the ever changing conditions mean that it is not always possible to find our ideal bush campsite in each location.

In fact, the logistics have forced us to become more creative than that! We offer a good mix of accommodation on all of our tours. Always aiming for memorable locations, we use the best of what is available.


Solo travelers are quite common on our tours, always welcome and because you have your own swag every night you don’t have to share with another smelly rider.

The Food

Nutrition is important when riding. There is always enough food to satisfy the heartiest appetite and we provide lots of fruit and vegetables where possible. Drinking water, fruit and snacks are available in our support vehicle. Other soft drinks are available at morning tea and lunch stops.

All meals are included. Even though we are usually in remote locations, we do our best to deliver incredible meals. A spread of European dishes, curries, grills, roasts, pasta, stir fries and delicious salads at the end of the day is an important ingredient in a motorcycle tour. Breakfasts are hearty with bacon, eggs, sausages, grilled tomatoes, baked beans and toast on the BBQ every morning. There is also always a light alternative of cereal, muesli and juice available. Freshly brewed coffee and tea are available every morning from 6am.

Morning tea is always a welcome stop with Billy tea, coffee, cake or biscuits on the menu. There is also a selection of fruit and ice cold soft drinks.

Lunch is usually wraps with cold meat and salad or sandwiches, fruit, soup, coffee, tea and snack foods.

Most of our dinners are either cooked on the BBQ or directly on the camp fire. When we are in a town we eat out at one of the local outback pubs. Some meals you can expect on your tour are Tandoori Chicken, Beef Stroganoff, Sizzling Mongolian Lamb and Beef or Lamb roast . Beer and other alcoholic beverages are usually purchased whenever you are in town and we keep them cold in our massive ice box.

Group Dynamics

Statistically speaking, an average Outback Adventure Treks Tour consists of 10 riders, a tour leader, a sweep rider and a support vehicle driver. The group of 10 will be comprised of four different nationalities (three of which will be either UK, NZ and US), speak at least two languages, contain 99% males and have an average age of 46.

Of the 10, three will return the following year to take another Outback Adventure Treks tour, four will join another Outback Adventure Treks tour within three years and two will at least contact us to show an interest in joining another tour. We sometimes wonder what happens to the other one!

Our exceptionally good rate of return riders tells us we must be doing something right. It also tells us something about the people who join our tours. Outback Adventure Treks motorcyclists are fun and part of the attraction of our tours is meeting like minded people with a passion for traveling by motorbike.

A Numbers Game

Although an average tour departs with 10 people, on the rare occasional scheduled tour we don’t always receive the minimum number of five bookings. In cases where we don’t have the minimum bookings, we will offer you the opportunity to travel for a small surcharge, so you can rest assured the tour will depart as scheduled no matter what. This gives you the security to purchase flights, book time off work and make all the necessary plans you need in full confidence that your cycle holiday will go on as planned. If the minimum number is reached before the tour sets off, the surcharge will be refunded in full. You also have the option of transferring to another tour.

The Bottom Line

Our tours are priced so they are affordable for the average rider. For some people it’s cheap, while for others it is expensive. But one thing written many times over in our guest book is “amazing value”. This is something we are very proud of and have worked hard to achieve. Outback Adventure Treks offers exceptional personal service and high quality accommodation at prices well below our competitors and a higher standard of service and accommodation than any other tour companies in our price range. We are confident that we offer the best value and highest quality motorbike adventures in Australia.