We offer a high staff-to-guest ratio, which allows us to make our tours as safe and enjoyable as possible. Since we will be traveling on very remote tracks with help being hours or even days away, all of our staff are certified in first aid and competent in motorcycle repair. The guides will also be carrying satellite phones.

The aim of our tours is to get you off the paved roads and into the Outback. Our tours are usually at least 90% off-road. An Adventure Tour requires a motorcycle capable of harsh off road riding. Sometimes we ride for 3 days without seeing another vehicle. Sometimes the bridge that was there last week in not there this week. A flash flood has destroyed it, so we find another way around. We get you out of your comfort zone and into our backyard in complete safety.

The weather on these tours can vary greatly (hot, cold, freezing, wet, dry…) – especially on our across Australia tours – so riders need to be prepared for anything. Riding gear that is not only protective but weather-resistant or weather-proof and that can accommodate both hot and cold temperatures is a must. Waterproof boots, gloves, socks, insect repellent, hiking shoes, full-faced helmet, a good camera, etc., are all recommended for our tours. Please see our Recommended Gear page for more details.

A  support vehicle accompanies all tours. It carries all our gear, fuel, water and food. It has a fully functioning mobile kitchen with two fridges, a freezer and an esky that holds 300 cans of beer. Some of our riders refer tho the truck as our ‘Life Support System’. It is equipped with a satellite phone, EPIRB, satellite tracker and a UHF radio so it is always in contact with the lead rider. We also carry tools and other supplies to accommodate motorcycle repairs.

The vehicle will carry one piece of luggage per rider. Luggage space is always at a premium.

Some guys say ‘they wished their wives could cook this well…’. Breakfast is always a full cooked brekki or you can simply just have some toast and cereal. Lunch is either at an Outback Pub or a selection of sandwiches or wraps if we are well of the beaten track. The evening meal is served in our ‘Million Star Open Air Restaurant ‘ usually a BBQ or a variety of international dishes cooked the outback way. We even spend a few nights cooking over an open camp fire, followed by chocolate or desert. Meals and drinks are included, but do not include alcoholic beverages.

When it comes to accommodation, everyone is pleasantly surprised by the quality of our camps. Comfort, good service and something different are criteria used in selecting our camps. If we are in town, you can count on us staying in the best campground on offer. A hot shower is always welcome after a day or two in the bush. When off the beaten track you will usually still have access to a shower but it may be in the form off a waterfall, a freshwater stream or a dam.

Each tour promotes a balance of activities with a focus on sharing the culture, history and customs of Australia. You will mix with colourful outback characters, sharing their lifestyle and their way of life. If we can we try and find a good swimming spot around lunch time to cool off and get out of that hot sun for a while. Or go fishing, you will be amazed at what you can catch in the remote creeks and rivers of outback Australia!

The tour sizes will vary, most are between 6 and 12 people. All our tours are designated as Adventure rides, (mainly off-road) therefore we prefer to keep our groups small. Outback Adventure Treks serves a broad demographic range. Regardless of age, the most important qualification is a healthy attitude and a good sense of humour.

We always schedule tours to run during optimum climate conditions for the areas travelled. However as we all know the weather can change at any time. So be prepared for the occasional cold or wet day.

Adequate travel health/accident and trip cancellation/interruption insurance is strongly recommended, especially for the longer tours. Insurance can be obtained through your travel agent. For international tours and international guests, travel insurance is compulsory.

On our Australian tours all accommodation is single occupancy. On our international tours standard accommodation is twin share.

Our comprehensive information booklet is emailed to all riders as soon as you book. Packing tips, how to get to the start and get home from the finish, preparation and detailed itinerary is covered in the Information Booklet.

Right away. Outback Adventure Treks reserves accommodation sites, prepares access permits well in advance. Tours that include access permits, ferries, trains and other logistics need advanced planning. Some dates are very popular and are known to fill 12 months in advance of the tour. Why hesitate? Once the tour has sufficient numbers to go, we can accept last minute additions without difficulty … that is, if the tour isn’t sold out!

Our guided tours have several advantages but four aspects stand out in particular. The first is that we know the area well and will lead you on roads and to places that you might not discover on your own. You’ll enjoy experiences that other visitors to the region often miss. The second is that, by carefully selecting and arranging accommodation, permits and checking road closures throughout the tour, we free up more of your valuable holiday time for riding and having fun. The third is that, we give you peace of mind if something should go wrong we have the knowledge and infrastructure to cope with most situations. Every year tragedies occur in outback Australia from ill prepared adventurers. We provide you with the adventure and a safe environment. Last, but certainly not least, our tours give you the chance to enjoy the company of riders from many parts of the world. In addition to enjoying a great motorcycling holiday you’ll have an opportunity to gain new friendships that could last a lifetime.

On our tours you are usually free to travel on your own and at your own pace. Apart from some of the extreme sections during desert crossings or on most remote off-road sections where we stay together and regroup every half hour as a safety precaution. Dinner in the ‘Open Air Restaurant’ and excellent accommodation will be waiting for you at the end of the day, so you won’t use valuable riding time searching for places to eat and stay.

All accommodation and meals are included in the tour prices as long as you stay with the main tour group at meal times. Alcoholic beverages are not included in the tour price. Other than souvenirs, optional tours, incidentals and spending money should be the only other general costs.

While our only formal requirement is a valid motorcycle license, it is highly recommended to be familiar with – or get familiar with – long distance touring. Some level of off-road riding experience is recommended for those participating in any of our tours. If you do not have off-road, motocross racing, or dualsport riding experience, we highly recommend signing up for an off-road school. If you do not have access to an off-road school, find dirt roads and trails in your area to practice on until you are comfortable – then practice some more! Our main requirement is that each rider fully understands the importance of riding responsibly and within his/her abilities once on the road with us. The roads we use are mainly off-road and in varying condition and they can include some challenging creek crossings and long sandy sections. Our group riding pace is relaxed and several stops are built into each day’s schedule. We average about 350 km of daily riding, so riders should have experience with riding that distance comfortably. If you are relatively new to motorcycle touring, we suggest you start with one of our shorter seven-day tours. We strongly recommend that all riders contact us if they have any questions about the match between their riding experience and our tours.

Our tours range from seven to twenty days in length, so there are many options to choose from. Although we highly recommend doing the full tour whenever possible, we can, under some circumstances, make special arrangements for you to do part of a tour.

We can create and lead custom group tours anywhere in the world by request. Please contact us for further details.