Tour Grade Guide

We want all of our riders to feel thoroughly satisfied at the end of each day – without feeling too tired by the mileage, the riding, or the weather, but feeling like they had an awesome day. We’ve put together a chili rating system to help you choose a motorbike tour that suits your abilities.

Our tours range from chilli1 chilli, to  chilli5chillies, and are based on a combination of distance, terrain, difficulty, remoteness and weather that you will encounter on each motorbike tour. The main benefit of this grading guide is to provide you with an overall indicator to compare one tour against another.

All our trips require basic fitness, preferably acquired through riding your motorbike. The fitter you are, the more you’ll enjoy the riding. When deciding which trip is for you consider both the level of physical fitness and the technical riding skill required.

If you are in any doubt, please call or send us an email.

Tour Grade Guide
chilli1 Easy Suitable for anyone who can ride a road bike and can manage a bit of exercise. There might be the odd twisty section and a long day, but on the whole – easy!
chilli2 Moderate For the weekend off-road rider who exercises regularly and perhaps goes for a weekend ride on gravel roads or trails at home. Fitness is more important than technical ability for tours of this level, as the track surfaces will be smooth without any single trail.
chilli3 Active Suitable for reasonably fit people who are confident off-road riders. Longer riding days mainly on gravel, with potentially single trail, sand, water crossings but no difficult hill climbs. There may be some rutted hills but not too many.
chilli4 Challenging Long riding days and tougher terrain requiring specific experience of more demanding and technical riding. Vehicle support may sometimes be more limited. The routes can contain rough tracks and deep sand so off-road riding skills are a must. You should be confident of your physical condition and bike handling skills. In some cases the distances may be low but due to heat or sand, the riding is still a challenge.
chilli5 Tough Serious expeditions designed for serious riders, which are either unsupported or very long hard tours. Riders should be happy to undertake long tough rides up and down steep hills, deep sand or following very technical trails in testing conditions. A high level of fitness required, as well as proven off- road riding skills.

Still not sure which tour is for you?

Haven’t been on a bike since you were a teenager? Not sure if you can handle more than 4hrs a day on a bike? Don’t exercise much?  We suggest: chilli1 (Easy) chilli3 (Moderate)

You are fit from riding, walking, swimming or other exercise, have taken an active holiday before, but never a motorbike tour? You are a frequent rider, but have never rider more than 200 km at a stretch? Used to race or ride a lot, but getting older now and cutting back?  chilli3(Active) chilli5(Challenging)

Still racing the odd enduro and riding single trails on weekends. Have done some serious sand riding and are reasonable fit.  Don’t mind riding some 10hr days. You hate steep hill climbs but you can do them?  chilli4(Challenging)chilli5 (Tough)

For those that don’t ride often we’d suggest you get some ”saddle time”, to get used to spending time sitting on a motorbike. As for fitness.

We get a lot of emails asking ‘How fit do I have to be?’ So here is a rough guide. If you can jog 1km and still have a conversation without puffing you are fit enough for a  chilli3 tour. If you can do 25 push ups after your jog you are fit enough for a  chilli4 tour. If you can do the 1 km jog, the push ups and can ride most technical stuff then you’re good for a chilli5chilli trip. Hope that helps.