Across The Top – Kimberleys to the Tropics

This tour covers some of the the most scenic and rugged country that Australia has to offer. From the lush tropical jungles of North Queensland, through remote cattle grazing country to the wet Gulf and the rugged Kimberleys and Broome, we have it all covered. If you are shy of water crossings stay at home, but if you like incredible riding, amazing fishing and a joke in one of the many Outback pubs, this tour has your name on it. It’s been called the ‘Mud, Sweat and Beers’ tour by quite a few past customers.

Item Details
All Inclusive Tour Cost AU $8600
Bring Your Own Bike AU $6900
Tour Difficulty Moderate Difficulty out of 5
Number of Riding Days 16
Tour Starts Broome
Tour Ends Airlie Beach
Total Riding Distance 4200 km
Number of Days 16 Days/15 Nights
Road/Dirt Ratio 5% / 95%
Accommodation Bush Camping/Campground
Group Size Minimum 8. Maximum 12
Our fully inclusive tours include: Highlights:
  • Motorcycle Rental
  • Fuel
  • All Meals
  • Accommodation
  • Accredited Guides
  • 4WD Backup Truck
  • Ferry Fees
  • Bush Camps
  • Fishing
  • Gibb River Road
  • El Questro Station
  • Tunnel Creek
  • Lawn Hill Station
  • Daly Waters Pub
  • Catch a Barra…


Across The Top Itinerary.

Day 1. Airlie Beach to Sardine Creek

We pick you up from your hotel at 8am. After stowing all your gear in the Support Vehicle its time to get acquainted with your bike. After a rider and safety briefing the first part of the trip is a short ride through town and past the last set of traffic lights we’ll see in a long time.

The first hour of riding is spent on the bitumen road getting used to your bike. We wind our way north through Bowen then head east, up over the range and get onto the dirt road for the first part of the Adventure. We wind down the other side of the range and deep into cattle country. After a lunch stop along the riverbank we head off into the afternoon sun and push on further west and even deeper into cattle country. Apart from the first hour we stay on dirt tracks for the rest of the day. By late afternoon we arrive at our overnight stop at Sardine Creek for a well-earned meal and cold beer, and get the fire going and setup our first of many camps Across The Top.

Day 2. Sardine Creek to Landsborough River

After a big cooked breakfast we break camp and continue west towards the Thompson River. We’ll see kangaroos and emus all morning as we cross the Great Dividing Range and ride across the Mitchell Plains to our lunch break. As we continue along the Thompson River we enter deep into west Queensland cattle country and stop in Muttaburra for a refuel. Leaving the small outback town we continue along the massive river systems to our overnight camp on the Landsborough River.

Day3. Landsborough River to Julia Creek

Our destination today is Julia Creek. On the way there you will see more cattle than you have seen in your life. This is the heart of Australia’s ‘Cattle Country’. After lunch the scenery starts to change as hills come into view and the terrain starts to get rocky. We arrive at Julia Creek late in the afternoon and a hot shower and cold beer are very welcome at the campground.

Day 4. Julia Creek to Lawn Hill

We have a big day ahead today as the roads start to deteriorate and we start to see some small river crossings. Continuing northwest to our refuel point at the Burke and Wills Roadhouse, named after the ill-fated explorers. Burgers all round at the roadhouse. It’s our last chance for a while. As we continue west we follow the old Cobb and Co route to Gregory Downs then as we ride into the afternoon sun we get to Adels Grove and the Lawn Hill National Park.

Day 5. Lawn Hill to Kingfisher Camp

A late breakfast is served today. There’s time for a swim or a sleep in before breakfast. We head off mid morning for an amazing ride and our first taste of real river crossings. Some quite deep so we might have to do a few carries. We cross a dozen or so water crossings before reaching our overnight camp at Kingfisher Camp. There is heaps of time in the afternoon for a fish in the Nicholson River.

Day 6. Kingfisher Camp to Surprise Creek

As we leave the shady lawns of Kingfisher camp behind we get straight into Savannah country and once again head north. Our first stop is at Hells Gate for a refuel then we continue to our lunch stop near the QLD – NT border. Now into the Northern Territory we continue along the Savannah Highway (loose term for highway) and try not to drown our bikes in any of the numerous river crossings. If we get there early enough, our camp tonight is one of the best camp spots you will ever see. We even have our own waterfall. If there are already people there then the alternative spot isn’t too shabby either.

Day 7. Surprise Creek to Roper Bar

It’s hard to leave this campsite, but after another big breakfast we head off early and continue north across numerous rivers to our refuel at Borroloola. On the way to our lunch spot on the Tawallah Range you’ll notice that the road deteriorates and becomes ideal for dirt bike riding. After lunch we continue north and cross some big rivers. Our camp tonight is on the banks of the Roper River. There’s a good chance of a barra for dinner tonight if we get a lure in the water before dark, but keep an eye out for the crocs.

Day 8. Roper Bar to Daly Waters

We follow the Roper River west to the small community of Roper Bar. After a refuel and a short stint on the blacktop, we turn south toward Daly Waters. As we leave the coast behind us and head inland the scenery changes dramatically. We are now riding in rocky hilly country. After a lunch stop on the banks of the Hodgson River we continue on great dirt roads to the Stuart Highway, then its just a short blast to Daly Waters and the iconic Daly Waters Pub. Our last shower was 3 days ago. So after checking into the campground and finding a shady camp spot it’s time to wash that NT dust out. Then dinner and cold beers at the pub.

Day 9. Daly Waters to Timber Creek

After a good hearty breakfast its time to hit the Stuart Highway for 20 minutes on the blacktop before we turn west on the Buchanan Highway. We follow the Buchanan for its entire length today. Stopping in Top Springs for fuel. Lunch is at Coolibah Creek and by late afternoon we arrive on the banks of the Victoria River for our overnight camp at the Timber Creek campground.

Day 10. Timber Creek to Blackgin Creek

Todays ride is something else. The whole day is spent blasting around on gnarly 4wd tracks. It’s rocky, sandy and muddy with heaps of river crossings. Today’s riding is first class.  We usually catch a Barra or 2 at our lunch spot so more than likely it will be fresh Barra on the BBQ tonight. As we continue south after lunch we are still riding some of the best trails the NT has to offer before we get to our overnight camp at Blackgin Creek and Barra for dinner.

Day 11. Blackgin Creek to Nicholson River

After a quick stop for fuel and supplies at the Kalkarindji Community store we turn west on the Buntine Highway. The Buntine is one of the North’s great ‘Cattle Roads’. The riding today is very similar to day 3. We ride through vast tracts of grasslands. We are deep into the NT’s best Cattle Country. The riding today is a big change from yesterday. We get a chance to relax as we head into the afternoon sun, cross into Western Australia and our camp on the Nicholson River.

Day 12. Nicholson River to El Questro

The destination today is the famous El Questro Station. Our day begins early as it’s a big day. We head north on the Duncan Road past Lake Argyle and into Kununurra where you have some time to look around as we reprovision with fresh produce and restock the beer. After a refuel we cross the massive Ord River and continue west on the blacktop for half an hour then hit the eastern end of Gibb River Road. A short blast on the corrugations and we arrive at El Questro.

Day 13. El Questro to Barnett River

After a sleep in and breakfast we continue deep into the Kimberleys. The views are stunning and the river crossings are great fun. You will find yourself stopping all morning to take photo’s. The Kimberley region of Western Australia is breathtaking. We spend all day on the Gibb River Road before arriving at our camp spot on the banks of the Barnett River

Day 14. Barnett River to Galamanda

Continuing west on the Gibb River road the King Leopold Ranges for some of the best views WA has to offer. After lunch we turn south and head for Tunnel Creek. The creek has made a tunnel through the hill and if there isn’t to much water in the creek we can walk / swim from one end to the other.

Day 15. Galamanda to Great Sandy Desert

Today is our last full day in the bush. We make the most of it. First stop is Fitzroy Crossing for a refuel then we head south to the Fitzroy River and turning west we follow the Fitzroy all afternoon. With some great riding and our first taste of riding in sand as we skirt the northern edge of the Great Sandy Desert. Our last bush camp for the tour is in the desert.

Day 16. Great Sandy Desert to Broome

After our last big bush breakfast we head back to the Fitzroy river and continue west. Lunch today is in the shade of a Boab tree. Then we continue to our final destination for the tour, Broome. After transfers to hotels we all meet up again in the evening for a farewell dinner at the famous Roebuck Bay Hotel.


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