Rock to Reef

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This is the an amazing motorcycle tour. Across Australia from Ayers Rock (Uluru) to Great Barrier Reef in Airlie Beach Across half a Continent, on a motorbike. This ride is full of incredible scenery, awesome gravel roads and windy tracks. With desert crossings, bulldust holes and rugged outback towns! Even though we are in extremely remote locations, this is still a luxury motorcycle tour with comfortable accommodation and incredible meals.

So if you have a sense of adventure, and want bragging rights to last a lifetime, maybe you should clear your calendar for this one.

Discover the Birdsville Pub, one of the greatest outback drinking establishments in Australia! Ride a motorcycle across the Simpson, Great Victoria, Gibson and Little Sandy Deserts all in the same week. Enjoy stunning vistas of Uluru (Ayers Rock) and the biggest night sky on earth. Ride for days on end without seeing another person. Ride your dirt bike to the top of ‘Big Red’, the biggest sand dune in Australia. Ride the Finke Desert Race Track. Ride to the most remote parts on Earth! On this ride you see the ‘Real Australia’. There are no tourist buses where we take you except at Uluru. You will visit places only a few lucky people have ever seen. We are the only Across Australia Motorcycle tour operator and the first motorcycle tour company to get a permit to cross the Simpson Desert. You won’t find this experience offered anywhere else. Imagine no traffic lights for 9 days. Guaranteed…

Item Details
All Inclusive Tour Cost From AU $5900
Bring Your Motorbike From AU $4500
Tour Difficulty Moderate Dificulty out of 5
Number of Riding Days 9
Tour Starts Yulara (Uluru) or Airlie Beach
Tour Ends Airlie Beach or Yulara
Total Riding Distance 3200 km
Number of Days 9 Days/8 Nights
Road/Dirt Ratio 10% / 90%
Accommodation Bush Camping/Campground
Group Size Minimum 8. Maximum 12
Our fully inclusive tours include: Highlights:
  • Motorcycle Rental
  • Motorcycle Fuel
  • All Meals
  • Single Accommodation
  • Accredited Guides
  • 4WD Backup Truck
  • Mechanic
  • All Camping Gear
  • Simpson Desert
  • Birdsville Pub
  • Ayers Rock
  • Finke Desert Race Track
  • Dalhousie Springs
  • The Olgas

West to East Itinerary


Day 1: Yulara to Finke Desert Race Track 480km

Leaving Ayers Rock behind we continue  for another 150km before turning North. We have morning tea under the gum treas on a river bank and then continue along the Ernest Giles Highway heading towards the Stuart Highway. After a refuel and then some amazing riding along an old stock route, we get to the famous Finke Desert Race Track. Here the race face goes on as some of us ride 100km of woops and sand. For some this is a long awaited dream. For others, 5 minutes is enough time on the track and they take the parallel service road along with the support truck. Our overnight camp is in the dunes beside the edge of the track.


Day 2: Finke Desert Race Track to Purnie Bore 380km

The morning starts with another massive outback breakfast and a 50km blast on the race track then into the Finke Aboriginal Community where we once again fill all tanks to the brim as our next chance will be at Birdsville 4 ½ days later. We then continue on wide sandy roads and follow the Old Ghan Railway line while the truck continues to Mt. Dare for a slash and dash ready for the Simpson Crossing. After a fun mornings ride we meet up with the truck for morning tea. We then head back out on the tracks as we cross the mud flats to Dalhousie Springs. The thermal hot water springs soon sooth away the aches and pains from the last few days riding. We stop for lunch and a long swim then we hit the track again and the beginning of the Simpson Desert. Before camp we will cross about 100 small sand dunes this gives you a chance to get the hang of riding a motorcycle in sand. We camp on the French Line tonight in the shadows of the dunes.


Day 3: Purnie Bore to Erabena Track 110km

After breakfast and our first night in the Simpson Desert, it’s time to enjoy one of the best dirt bike rides in Australia, the French Line. We continue crossing the 1200 sand dunes of the Simpson and they continue to get a little bigger as the morning goes on. We continuing over the dunes to our morning tea stop. By now your motorbike sand riding riding skills have improved no end. After morning tea it’s back onto the  French Line. The going easier as you get into the rhythm of riding the dunes. The truck is a little slower than the bikes so there is plenty of time for a rest and photo’s along the way. Soon we get to our lunch stop at the Colson Track. After lunch the dunes continue and the riding is incredible. It’s another 40 km further on and we get to the Erabena Track where we make camp for the night. There will be plenty to talk about around the campfire tonight as we all have a laugh about the days riding styles.


Day 4: Erabena Track to Peoppel Corner 80km

The support truck is a fair bit slower than the bikes today as it carefully negotiates the dunes. Whereas the bikes are at home on the fast flowing track. There are lots of chances for a rest along the way and some great opportunities for photo’s. We continue along the French Line and over another few hundred sand dunes to our lunch stop at the Knoll Track intersection. After lunch we ride our motorcycles along the last section of the French line to Peoppel Corner where the Northern Territory, South Australia and Queensland borders meet. This is our last camp in the Simpson Desert and a last chance to soak up the remoteness and solitude of the experience, for tomorrow night we are at the Birdsville Pub for dinner.


Day 5: Peoppel Corner to Birdsville 160km

Heading north from the corner and along the K1 line we once again enter the Northern Territory for a brief moment before joining the QAA line and turning east for the final 500 odd dunes into Birdsville. The QAA Line is a lot faster than the French Line as the dunes start to disappear and we get back into station country. Lunch is spent on the banks of Eyre Creek then we get to the last of the dune of the Simpson. It’s name is ‘Big Red’ and it’s sometimes a challenge to get to the top on your first go. Even if you don’t make it on your first attempt, everyone makes it after a few tries. We spend some time playing on Big Red and then making sure the support truck gets over, we ride the last few kilometers into Birdsville and welcome a cold beer at the pub. After parking your motorcycle for the night and setting up our camp at the caravan park, it’s back over to the pub and a famous Birdsville Hotel dinner.


Day 6: Birdsville to Cooper Crossing 380km

First job of the morning is to ride to the Birdsville Bakery to get stocked up with their famous Camel Pies for morning tea. We are back onto formed dirt roads today as we continue east. Morning tea is at a nice shady spot along the track. Then we continue through some of the most incredible scenery in western Queensland to our lunch stop at Dion’s Lookout. The views are like no other you will see on this trip. After lunch we continue along easy roads and into Windorah. There’s a chance for a cold beer at the pub before we settle into our overnight stop on the banks of Cooper Creek.


Day 7: Cooper Crossing to Longreach 320km

Leaving the Cooper behind we head North with the sun over our right shoulder we join the Jundah Stock Route to Jundah. Stopping on the banks of the Thompson river for morning tea. After our break we continue the winding track along the Thompson River to the small town of Stonehenge and our lunch stop. The winding track then continues all the way to Longreach. This is our first major town since we left Yulara on day 1. A chance to resupply for the last 2 days of riding as we won’t see another town until we get to the Pacific 2 days later. Tonight we head to the Longreach Club for a cold beer and a typical west Queensland dinner. They are huge…


Day 8: Longreach to Charlies Hut 400km

Continuing along the Thompson River we enter deep into west Queensland cattle country and leaving the Thompson and our lunch stop we ride up and over the Great Divide where the countryside starts to get greener and the Kangaroos and Emus are everywhere. Day 8 calls for careful alert riding there are animals everywhere. We then join the Suttor River for our last overnight bush camp at Charlies Hut. The Chef cooks up our last campfire meal as the sun sets. The tall stories get even taller around the fire tonight.


Day 9: Charlies Hut to Airlie Beach 440km

After breaking camp for the last time we spend the day on some fantastic winding dirt roads. We cross another 2 ranges before we get to the Bowen River Hotel and our morning tea stop. The dirt road finally ends just before we get to the east coast. Lunch is in Bowen then we are on the Number 1 Highway for the short last stretch of the adventure. As we head back to the ‘Big Smoke’ we pass through the first set of traffic lights for 9 days. They are always RED… The road then passes through Cannonvale and into Airlie Beach where the adventure ends. After transfers to hotels we meet up again in the evening for a Farewell Dinner and drinks.